Friday, January 17, 2003

Greetings, Gentle Reader
After a too-long holiday hiatus, I am returned.
Something crazy has happened. I cannot believe my luck. It turned out I was the only person who signed up for fourth semester Greek. Dispite this, instead of cancelling the class, as many institutions of high er learning would do, it is a go. It is intense. I get grilled. I must have a decent amount of work prepared for class because there is absolutely no chance I will not be called on. I'm reading Oedipus Rex.
Last night I took the night off, and sat down in front of the 5:30 news and popped a beer, and I felt a little empty. I was not studying Greek. What did I do before I studied Greek? How did I live? I have read that Winston Churchill said, of education, that he would have all the boys learn English, and the clever ones learn Latin as an honour and Greek as a treat. I understand that now.