Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Is Blog Dead?
Maybe it's only temporary. There for a while with the graduate school and financial aid saga there was plenty of copy for this blog. Now things have settled down (and I know that's surely only temporary) and I keep coming up dry for things to post about. Do you really want to read about the group project I found out I have to do for my Saturday class? (But I will interject that, after a period of thinking that class was supposed to improve critical thinking skills, I have ultimately come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, about nothing.)
Or I could post about records for the Old Vic I got on Ebay. A pre-RCA album set of Schubert's Trio No. 1 in B Flat with Pablo Casals on 'cello? Carl Sandburg singing about a boll weevil? Or how about the 1928 "O terra addio" from Aida with Rosa Ponselle and Giovanni Martinelli I was out-bid on?
That's what I thought.