Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but sometimes there's a perk in watching reality tv.
I am in love.
Okay, okay, just lust.
But he cleans up nice.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Futurama Howl
Howl . . .
. . . of people listening to really mediocre poetry . . .
and eating hotdogs
while the best minds of my generation are blanched by institutional apathy academic elitism and this mortal coil left rusting in New New Jersey while the charbots and the robosweeps cry Bite my shiney metal ass

Back to the Car
I think I have completely snoozed on relating here that last Tuesday night the general manager of the dealership where I bought my car called me because of the letter I wrote. He said that he'd spoken to the salesman, and the salesman remembered things differently than I did. The manager thought we should all three get together and talk.
It was the last thing I wanted to do, to get into a he-said-I-said with that git of a salesman.
But I said all right.
Then the manager started talking about what he could do to make me satisfied. How about a CD player, given and installed for free?
I said okay. And he never brought up meeting with the salesman again.
Later it occurred to me that if I had declined the meeting, the conversation might have ended there. But since I was willing to go in and stand up for myself, he dropped it and offered me a CD player.
And I think I promised quite a while back that I would post what my friend in Australia told me about the reputation of Daewoo there. I never did, did I?
Well, here t'is (hope you don't mind, D.)
"Hmmmm. Daewoo cars dont really have a good reputation
here. Did you google it? I found a good review of it from the Australian:,5744,6689420%255E13232,00.html

But then i found this comment by someone else:
The car in the picture is a GM Daewoo Kalos as it was
known in Australia until December 31st 2004 when General
Motors HOLDEN, who own Daewoo, decided to withdraw
these poorly manufactured cars out of Australia and off load the
left over crap to other gullible continents.

I rang dad and asked him, and he said that Daewoo had a really
bad rep here, but they are no longer available, which means that
people with older (2004 and before) cars have hard trouble getting
parts and service as it is no longer being adequately provided.
He said that the Daewoo when they were still being done here
were quite low end cars, but he said that since they were bought
out and are now fully managed by GM here, they are of a higher
quality and have much better service support etc. He did say though
that regardless they have little resale value. He thought that this
would be similar in the US - you should get good support through GM
as a Chev, provided it is a brand new model.

So i guess all in all not a bad thing - it isnt as though you are
buying it to sell soon, and it will be relatively cheap to maintain,
so i still think you got the right car. And it looks good!!"