Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Here I . . . am
Because of the Little Rascals I'm predisposed to say "Here I is!" but it's not PC, is it . . .
I haven't posted in so long because I spent four days last week at workshops at the State Library, where I met Chavez the Reticent. Driving back and forth from here to there in my car is no fun. The car is old, small, slow, and has no air bags.
It's about time to think about getting another car. First gear in this one is gone, and it would cast more than I paid for the thing to fix it.
I spent the weekend down south a ways with Rob. I came back to a hella lotta school-work, and when I went over to the campus library Sunday night to start on it, the bastards were closed. Fall break! What the . . .?
I had no idea because I'd spent the previous four workdays in those up-lifting workshops . . .