Friday, July 23, 2004

I'm in the mountains until August 1st.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

This is really rather amusing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Please End, Week
This is being some killer week.  My cataloguing class ended last Saturday, but I need to complete the work for it by Friday.  I'm taking the final exam tomorrow night.
And this coming Saturday I am leaving for a week of vacation in the mountains.
Yesterday was aprticularly bad.  As I've written, the campus libraries here are getting a new database system.  I'm serving on a committee to come up with advertising and other means to inform the university community about the advantages of the new system.  The committee developed a slogan and advertising copy for an ad in the campus newspaper.  It's appearing in the mid-summer edition, which comes out tomorrow, so the ad content was settled weeks ago.
I inadvertently come up with the slogan.  Somebody wanted a 50-word blurb about the new system for some webpage, and I ended up getting the assignment to write it.  I wrote that the system can do this and this and this.  And then I ended with "Enter a new era of research."
The rest of the committee loved it, and it became the slogan.
Yesterday, the chair contacted some people at the main campus library about placing a banner ad on the library homepage the day the new system goes live, with the slogan on it.  These people responded that, well, they just didn't like that sloagn.  They had their own slogan, and it was just better, and they had a zillion nit-picky reasons why.
And what was their killer slogan?
"Library research just got better!"
That's right.  Exclamation point!
These main library people bombarded the committee members, including me, with dozens of e-mails about changing the slogan.  I didn't have time to read them, much less compose arguments in defense of the original slogan.  The chair eventually capitualted.
It's just great.  We're going to ring in that new database with all the pomp of a spill on aisle nine.