Friday, August 04, 2006

Camping Report
Last weekend's camping trip was almost a repeat of the Memorial Day trip. We were late again getting to the camp ground and had to rush to get the tent sent up before it got dark and stormed. Although the Friday night storm was not as severe as it was Memorial Day.
Unfortunately, unlike last time, this time it also rained Saturday morning and into the afternoon. We decided to drive to Asheville to eat lunch at Rob's favourite restaurant.
Unfortunately, it turned to be the weekend of Bele Chere. There were 150,000 people in downtown Asheville, all looking for a place to park. By the time we got to the restaurant, it had closed for lunch. We ended up eating somewhere else nearby.
On the way out of town we stopped at an Ingle's grocery store and had the most fucked-up exerience ever. While we were shopping they announced over the loudspeaker that the store was suddenly unable to accept debit or credit cards. Guess who rarely ever carries cash? Me. I had to bum money from Rob. There was a huge mass of people around the cash registers so we went through the self-check-out line. But these machines were fucked up as well. Instead of the machine dispensing change we had to get our change from the attendant, who in turn had to go get cash from the office. While she was trying to count out Rob's change a woman customer came up and asked the attendant to look up produce codes for her. Rob told the woman he had been there first, that the attendant was trying to give him his change, could she just wait her turn. The woman looked shocked and asked the attendant, "Is he being serious?" Rob told her yes. As we were pulling out of our space in the parking lot the woman came up and yelled something at the car.
Asheville, you can be great, but you sure sucked that day.
The next day, Sunday, was beautiful. Clear and sunny but not hot. We went up to Mount Mitchell and hiked to a waterfall.