Friday, August 13, 2004

The Weekend is here in five . . . four . . . three . . .
Although camping out has been cancelled. Repeat, camping has been cancelled.
Enough of the forecasts said the effects of the second storm would start to be felt tonight to motivate plans to be changed.
Anyway, they say September is a dryer month than August.
But Rob and I are still going to the area my sister lives. Old Salem is there, and that's neat. There is also, not too far away, another town founded as a Moravian settlement, Bethania, which has not been all restored and purtified like Old Salem, and we will probably see that, too. It's neat because now a contemporary state highway runs right through the middle, and the old brick houses are right up on the edge of the road. It feels like an English village.
And it will really fell like an English village if it's raining.
* * * * * *
At work the fun with the new system continues. It was discovered this week that when acquisitions people place orders for a new book, it suddenly appears in the public on-line catalogue as a current holding, complete with call number pulled from OCLC.
There is supposed to be holds system, through which patrons can request books through the on-line catalogue, and pick a campus library as a pick-up location. Some multi-branch public libraries have had systems like this for years, but this uni never had this before. Anyway, it's not working right either, and it won't for a while, because the techie people's first priority is getting the module the cataloguers use to work correctly.
* * * * * * *
But it's the weekend, and I'm leaving town, and I shouldn't think about any of that.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Malaise, Pas Ennui
I think, I think I'm usually a little bummed that summer ends. This year a little more than usual. Between all this nonsense going on at work, I took that summer school class, and even though I took a week off I feel ripped off in the summer department. It's usually pretty slack around here in the summer, but not this year.
The renovation on the law school building is winding down. Classes start week after next, not only the ones here, but my own, at the other uni in town.
I've been making a few small gestures to grab that brass ring of summer a few last times. I went swimming in the outdoor pool yesterday, and I hope to go again today. This weekend Rob and I are going to try to go camping again, this time at Hanging Rock near my sister's house. I hope the remnants of Bonnie don't change our plans again.
It's also my nephew's third birthday.