Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Job: Day Three
My new boss isn't here again. But even yesterday, when she was here, it went pretty well, and I didn't see that much of her. All the reference librarians here also teach basic legal research to first-year law students, so they spend a good deal of time in class.
I found out there was more to that woman moving out of this office. The room where she will permanently be located isn't ready yet to house her and her Educational Technology cohorts. In the meantime, she's moved into an empty carrel in Technical Services. I wondered why she didn't just stay here until the permanent location was ready.
I found out yesterday.
It's because I smoke.
Of course I can't smoke in the office, or in the building at all. But this poor woman is so incredibly sensitive, even being in a room with someone with the faint odour of Marlboro Ulta-Lights demurred with a mouthful of Altoids bothers her.
But everything is a problem to this person. She demanded a special keyboard and mousepad because she's scared of getting carpal tunnel. She had to have a special filing cabinet. She's complained about the smell of aftershave and cleaning supplies.
And there's a loud-mouthed gossip in technical services who says that's why the woman has been in the same job so long. The director won't give her a good reference.

Monday, September 20, 2004

(Feels Like) The First Day of Autumn
Or maybe it was yesterday.
I really didn't want to let go of summer. I just had this premonition that the fall would bring bad stuff.
But now that it's here, the cooler weather is nice (although it makes me really sleepy).
* * * * * * *
This is my first day on my new job. My new boss isn't here, so I'm doing what I know how to do. In the past, the inter-library loan person shared an office with a web/tech person. Hey, at least the office has windows, unlike my former digs.
But the web/tech person has been moved into the Educational Technologies department, so for the time being, I have an office to myself.