Thursday, December 06, 2007

Currently Playing in My Head
"Only A Girl" from Redd Kross' Phaseshifter.
And they're continuing the tease of a new album. Their MySpace Page has been updated to state that as of September, 2007, they're in the studio. A few months ago that said "as of 2006."
So what are you doing? Are you making an album or playing in Brooklyn?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The semester is now over. Tonight I go to my last class of the semester. In fact, it is the last class period for my MLS. Depending on my passage of this current course, I will graduate. And I should pass. The final paper I turned in last week wasn't the greatest thing I ever wrote (I was preoccupied with just completing the darn thing) but I did really well on all the assignments early in the semester, so I should at least pass, and I actually think I'll end up with a B.
Considering how my job has been, I'm amazed I got through it.