Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Camping
I took Friday afternoon and Monday off and Rob and I went camping again. We stayed at the Linville Falls campground off the Parkway. Saturday we hiked to the top of Table Rock. Well, it was mostly hiking - there was a little clambering up an almost verticle slope at the end. The view from up there was this. That's the Linville Gorge down there. On Sunday we drove to Wiseman's View, an overlook on the opposite side of the gorge. This is what Table Rock looks like from there. I still can't believe I was on top of that thing.
The weather was lovely and cool and it didn't rain on us once. It was hard to come back down here to this heatwave.
It's a little odd to be back to this after three nights in a tent in the woods, to be wearing these clothes, to stare at a computer screen again.
I'm glad I went.