Friday, February 10, 2006

Made It
I did it. I worked out last night for the first time in almost two weeks. Someone told me about "hyperextension," and two weeks ago I tried that when I was doing the tricep extension (some folks call that a "kickback") to get that extra Umph. It's working the triceps that really makes your arms big, but of course the bicep is what everyone sees from the front, so you gotta work that too. Last night, it was out of the question. I couldn't lift the weight that far.
But it's a good thing I worked out at all, dispite how rusty I was.
And today I swam some laps finally. It felt great. My new goggles rocked.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Appointment Postponed or Cancelled
In the e-mail system at work there is a calender. You can send someone a reminder or appointment note, and it shows up in their in-box like an e-mail, but when you accept it, it disappears from the in-box and shows up on the calender for that day. When you cancel one it sends a message to the recepient that says "Appointment postponed or cancelled."
I'm not sending one of these to my weights, but I've decided to postpone working out until tomorrow night. I had class last night, and although got out early, I had been hitting the caffeine all day, and I succumbed to the siren song of South Park, which comes on a local station at 12:30.
But hey - I was at work on time.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Date Set
Last Monday I swam laps on my lunch break. When I tried to put my goggles on they fell apart. It was an omen.
So without goggles I could only swim the breast stroke and the back stroke. I swam five or six laps and left.
Over the course of the day last Tuesday I came down with a cold. By the end of the day I realised that I could either go to work Wednesday or go to class Wednesday night. I knew I wouldn't be able to do both.
So Wednesday morning I called in sick. In class that night we had a guest speaker who is actually the woman I will be working with at my practicum/internship, so I thought it was a good idea to show up.
I'm still getting over the damn cold. I skipped lifting weights Thursday night and swimming laps Friday and today.
Ironic, too, that last Monday evening after work I drove to a sporting goods store and bought a new pair of goggles do I'd have them later in the week. They're still sitting in my apartment where I laid them down when I came in the door.
So my Wednesday class doesn't meet while we're doing the practicum, so that night is freed up. I have a date with my weights set. I hope I make it.