Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yesterday after work I carried out some trash and recycling to the bins at the back of the parking lot. I happened to catch a glimpse of my name on something in the bin. It was some mail, addressed to me, which I had never seen. It was with a bunch of opened mail, bill stubs, etc., addressed to the people in Apt. 304. Apparently they received some of my mail and threw it away. I have never received the disc with the Perkins house photos on it that dad sent me last week, so now I have to wonder if they got that too. I tried to talk to them but there was no one there most of the evening. I eventually left them a note simply asking them to give me my mail if they receive any, and I would return the courtesy. I also left a note for the mail carrier saying I'd found some of my mail in the trash and I was missing a package from my dad. When I first discovered the mail in the bim I called the building manager and left her a pretty angry message.
And then today . . . I worked out last night, and was planning to swim laps on my lunch break today, but it turned out today was one of the days my supervisor scheduled to have lunch with me to touch base and see how things are going. This is overall a good thing, but it always sneaks up on me and ruins my plans. While we were sitting there eating, I thought, wait, I can swim in the pool on the other campus near my building after work. Then I realised, no I can't, because my parents are in town to see a pottery exhibit at the state art museum, and we're to have supper tonight. Booger.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Possibly a Good Week
My practicum started last week. Most of the time was taken up with orientation/overview/tour, so I didn't have that much time to actually do what I'm supposed to do. Which at this point is going through boxes of files and making a very basic inventory of what sort of material is there. Eventually I will use this to create an on-line guide to the collection of files and papers.
While this practicum is going on, the class that this is for doesn't meet. And this week, my other class isn't meeting either because the instructor wants to have dinner with her husband on Valentine's Day (awww). So this means no class at all this week.
So I have formulated a cunning plan. Today I swam laps on my lunch break. Tomorrow I will work out at home after work. Wednesday I will swim, and Thursday work out. Friday I will swim. I was keeping a schedule like this fater the fall semester ended and before Christmas vacation. I wish I could keep it up through the next two months.