Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shocking Revelations
There is a faculty secretary here from Turkey. Late yesterday afternoon I asked her if by any chance she knew my neighbor. She exclaimed, "Yes, I know him! He's famous!" Here's why.
* * * * * * *
Goodbye, Mr. Cholmondeley
And by the way, it's pronounced "Chumley." Don't ask me why.
Cholmondeley was one of the two cocker spaniels Rob "inherited" when his mother died. A couple weeks ago Cholmondeley suddenly started having trouble walking. The vet prescribed pills. Then a few days later, he developed a cough and quit eating. The vet prescribed more pills. The cough got better but the dog still had trouble walking, and he still wouldn't eat. After another week, the vet had "the talk" with Rob.
Mr. Cholmondeley left this earth yesterday, February 22. The second month, on the twenty-second day, in the year of our Lord MMVI.
He was not ours.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Closure on Those Anecdotes
I spoke to my neighbor about the mail-in-the-bin business. First he said he had never received any of my mail. However, after I showed him what I'd found in the bin, he suddenly volunteered that he's been overseas, and "a friend from downstairs" had been collecting his mail.
Uh huh.
The guy was very squirmy. If he wasn't foreign I'd be convinced that he was lying. However, since he is foreign, I'm giving him the benefit of doubt. I may be misinterpreting his behaviour. He's from Turkey.
Over all last week sucked. Well, not completely. I had a pretty good day Thursday doing my internship/practicum/whatever at Special Collections, and I got a compliment on my work there so far. But I also need to pick up the pace of what I'm doing so I can finish by April.
I guess it was nice to see my parents, but all my brother did was complain.
Exercise-wise the latter part of last week was a bust. I did go swim some laps on Friday, but that was it. I did manage to make up some by working out Sunday evening, and then swimming laps on Monday. I'm swimming laps today, too, and the plan (at this point, anyway) is to work out tomorrow night, and swim again Friday.
We'll see.