Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Deva Vu of a particularly bad sort
I applied for a job the other day and my application was immediately rejected. It wasn't rejected by the search committee or the hiring manager or even a human being at all. My application was rejected by a website.
I called the place and asked if someone was going to review the application. I was told no. I as told I was eliminated. I had given an answer to a question that indicated I'm not familiar with Microsoft Access, and that was that.
There was a period after college when I moved back to my parents' house. Every Tuesday I went to the library and read the want ads in the out-of-town papers. I mailed dozens of cover letters and resumes. I rarely got any sort of response. I registered with an employment agency and never heard from them again. I had just gotten a college degree and I eventually ended up screen-printing tee-shirts.
And there was another very similar period in 1998-1999.
My current situation is quite familiar in a very unpleasant way.