Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Grad School Contradiction
Last December, when I first met with my advisor at the library school and I told him what sort of work I wanted ideally, eventually, to do, he said "Well, we don't have anything like that here, but you can take classes at State and Carolina."
So today I wrote to him and reminded him about that, and in case there was something I could go ahead and take in the fall, I asked him how one goes about taking a class at Carolina.
This time he responded, "Oh, we have a formal archives track here."
It is not listed in the catalogue I got last fall. I looked at their web-site. Sure enough, there it was, listed under "Programs." It's six basic classes given at Central and six in the public history department at State.
In a way I have to say "Drat," because I'd rather drive back and forth between here and Carolina than here and State.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Some Satisfaction
I have wine glasses on a shelf in my kitchen. For some reason the other day I looked up and saw them, and it reminded me of seeing wine glasses in my sister's first post-college apartment. I was seventeen, and I remember thinking how cosmopolitan and grown-up it was to have wine glasses on a shelf in the kitchen.
I don't feel cosmopolitan or grown-up. I've used those glasses once.
But hey, I got 'em.