Friday, May 19, 2006

This writer seems to have gotten to the heart of things.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good God Almighty
I need to start putting in hours towards an 150-hour practicum. It's one of the last two courses I need to get my degree. Both this practicum and the other course are at State. State's literature says I have to write a proposal about where I would be working and what I would be doing, and submit that to the head of the public history program. I met this morning with the folks at Special Collections to get some details about what I will be doing so I can write the proposal. The meeting brought up some preliminary questions so I sent the program head at State an e-mail asking.
This guy's response was to tell me I had to make arrangements through Central to set up the practicum. It didn't make a lot of sense because they don't have this course at Central - it's a State class. Eventually I will have to register at State for this.
So I called the director of graduate studies at Central's library school. She said I needed to speak to an associate dean about it. The associate dean said I needed to speak to another professor.
I sent the associate dean a response saying that because of the incredible amount of problems I have had with that university I don't have much patience with that sort of thing. He wrote back a message using phrases like "question my integrity" and he said that the head of the program at State, who is new, is ignoring long-standing arrangements between the two schools.
I touched a nerve, apparently.
But I wrote to the other professor and asked him what to do. He said do all the stuff I would have had to do for the course at State. I asked him if I needed to get his approval on the proposal or could I go ahead and start putting in hours. He said go ahead and start.
This will probably all turn out to be a huge clusterfuck in the spring.
But hey, I've got to put in 150 hours at three hours a week between now and graduation time next spring, and the Central professor said I could go ahead and start.