Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Virginia Dreamin'
That meeting wasn't so bad. It was mostly about things with the computer system my boss didn't understand. But it did result in a little more work for me.
Last week I stopped by the old house out in the country near Lynchburg that a friend of mine is working on. He used to work here in the law school but got totally burned out, and someone offered him the job of working on this house and he jumped at it.
The house was in the middle of nowhere, on a hill overlooking a river. We rode out across the fields on an old Land Rover.
Living like that has suddenly become very appealing.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Can't even go on vacation. My boss checked in on interlibrary things while I was in Virginia. On my first day back as soon as I got in, I mean I didn't have time to put down my bag, much less sit down, she came in to talk to me about stuff. She said she couldn't understand why I'd done some of the things the way I'd done them. She wants to have a "workflow" meeting with me, whatever that is.