Friday, January 16, 2004

First Written Assignment
So yeah, it would seem I've managed to stay in school so far.
I'm reading a book about libraries in antiquity for my paper on a famous librarian. I just read that Zenodotus, the first Director of the Alexandrian library, was the first known person to use alphabetisation as an organisational method in a library. I don't remember hearing that before. The book I own about the library, The Vanished Library, by Luciano Caniforelli, is concerned with classical studies, not library science (dispite that, it will be another scource). I also found in the ancient libraries book a terrible translation of a witty quote about the Alexandrian library. Caniforelli has something about "scribblers in the cage of the muses," which I love, and this current reading has "feeding station of the muses." Geez. "Feeding station." Who wrote that crap?

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I called the financial aid office at Central yesterday morning to find out what the status was of that. They said that nothing had come through and that I had been dropped from registration. To continue with the courses I would have to pay half of the semster's tuition THAT DAY and get re-enrolled in my classes.
My boss let me leave and go over there. I barely had enough money. It took everything I had, all my savings, everything.
Then I went to financial aid office. They said they needed a letter from the Department of Education stating I was eligible for new financial aid. I knew about that and I had asked the Department to send it over in October. They never did. Now I am trying to contact a specific woman who is supposedly the only person in the entire Dept. of Education who can use a fax machine to send a new letter to Central.
I also went by the library science office to get re-enrolled. There was one woman in there. She said I would have speak to the student services assistant who was in a meeting. I asked if it was alright to e-mail him because I needed to get back to work. She said sure.
As soon as I got back here I e-mailed the guy. He wrote back and said that the last day to add a class had been Friday, so I have speak to the Registrar's Office. I haven't been able to get through because everyone else is calling them.
This is all very frustrating and right now I'm wondering if it's worth it.

Monday, January 12, 2004

In Memoriam P.F.B. 1951- 2004
Yes, another one.
When I got home from work Friday I found out a really cool fellow who lived in my apartment building had died in his sleep early last week. Paul was only 53. He had an office job in the hospital and he rode the campus bus with me. The last time I saw him we were talking about silly workplace rituals. Paul told me about a game - I'd never heard of it - where everyone brings in their baby picture, and everybody else has to guess which is whose.
Paul said it would be much more interesting if people brought in pictures of their genitalia, and everyone guessed which was whose.