Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good Week For Exercise
Last weekend there was a sustainable agriculture conference here so Rob came up for that and stayed with me. Highlights of the weekend include watching Head, - I forgot how much I like "The Porpoise Song" - and Bright Young Things, which needs to be viewed again as it was started a little late because somebody had to watch Conan the Destroyer first.
But Sunday after Rob left I worked out. I usually work out on Monday evenings and swim on my lunch hour Tuesday and Friday. But since I was able to work out Sunday afternoon, this week I swam Monday and Tuesday and intend to swim Friday. All this is having some effect. My stomach has demanded that I now have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.
Other news: I am getting sick to death of my Intro. to Public History course. Tonight I have to turn in a paper that's an evaluation of a historic preservation project. I wrote about the American Tobacco Historic District. It's pretty neat, but the oldest (circa 1875), most interesting building in the facility has only begun to be renovated.