Thursday, June 19, 2003

Yawning Restrictions
I stayed up too late last night. And generally I tend to be sleep-deprived and I yawn a lot. I yawn big, too, and loud. For some reason my boss can't stand it. If my boss hears me she'll come running and say, "Not so loud!" I think she thinks I'm acting up, faking it, but I'm not at all. So I stayed up too late last night and I've been feeling like yawning, and I have to try and stifle it. Blah.

Mysterious Missing Post
All right, now. I posted this big long thing yesterday and now it's gone. What the . . .
Anyway, I explained that the Fastweb guy was no help. He said they don't work with Carolina and that I should call them. I called them and asked if I should be hearing anything from them. They said I need to send in the registration form for the continuing education center before they will do anything. So I mailed that yesterday. With $55.
And then I wrote this big long thing about how I got finger funk and had to cut my ring off. I just got it fixed. That cost $160. Now I'm poor.
So that catches us up to today. There is a law school computing conference being held here. There are four hundred extra people wandering around and asking questions. I overheard one woman talking and she qualified a superlative. The nerve.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The Continuing Story . . .
I still haven't heard from the financial aid office at Carolina. A copy of my FAFSA information was sent there.
However, I obtained a Stafford loan application through a website thingy named Fastweb, which is a sort of scholarship network. A rep called me late last week and left a message asking if I need any help - I guess because I have never sent the application in because I was waiting to hear from Carolina. I'm going to call the guy back - hopefully today, if my boss leaves at 4:30 like she often does. But I did tell her already I might, stress might, be leaving at the end of the summer.
To enter the post-bacc program at Carolina I register with the uni's continuing education office. I haven't done that yet, either, because there's a $55 fee, but that should get in the mail this week. Maybe that will set the financial aid office in motion.
I went to Charlotte over the weekend and hung out with some old friends and saw Southern Culture on the Skids. I'm in it for the chicken.